Salon LED Vs Home LED

Salon LED Vs Home LED

First of all, what is LED? Why would you choose online (home bought) LED’s? Why would you pay more to go into a salon? Which salon uses the best LED? If I was a consumer, and wanted to look younger, change the appearance of my skin, have a healthier glow, and clear up my skin, then I would definitely want to know more about the light I was going under. I have put together this little Blog in the hope that you will find the answers of why as a salon, we spend more money, do more research and provide continual support for our patrons.

*Wavelengths are measured in nanometres (nm) and it is very important to know this terminology. In other words does the wavelength deliver enough photon energy to reach the target?

There are many colours in LED, but remember, it is not the colour but the wavelength that provides you with best skin results.

LED (light emitting diode) is non-invasive skin care technology that promotes skin rejuvenation with clinically proven wavelengths. It is used to resolve problematic skin conditions and light heals where the hands cannot reach.

They conduct electrical current into a light form. They deliver a low-level light without creating heat. There is no trauma created in the skin, only repair. This of course is in a good machine. The machine we have decided to use (Dermalux) at Silhouette/Nouveau is medical grade and carefully chosen to achieve results.

The difference in price point for the big machines used in salons range from $5000 to $25000. If you shop online, at home products will be around the $130 - $350 mark. Not sure how you feel, but in my opinion, you get what you pay for & here is why…..

Home Led’s are often made with cheap parts and have no energy output. Some of the LED’s are purchased from mass manufacturers in countries that do not research the importance of these light sources. 

If you drop even slightly in nanometres (nm) then you are going into UV spectrum and this can be very dangerous to the skin. Home bought LED lights can drop in efficiency by around 20nm which then enters into a dangerous zone.

LED masks/ home machines that are purchased on the internet do not compete with the more powerful lights in industry. The inaccuracy of the off shelf LEDS brings a concern to the industry as it brings more problem than good. They are very low quality, the client can feel hot due to friction caused on the skin, and the machine can then overheat. 

Photon intensity is required, to absorb enough photo energy into the skin to achieve results and make a difference/change in the skin. Photon intensity in these cheaper machines is limited. The light scatters across the skin and doesn’t create a reaction.

Salon Led’s are made from high quality materials, are usually manufactured and built off clinical data and clinical evidence. Salon LED's are high performance sometimes medical grade machines that are specified for particular skin conditions.

Our choice is Dermalux. The LED’s from this particular light are custom built, testing on the skin 8 different times to ensure quality and consistency and to ensure it can deliver the exact same wavelength every time. These lights can drop in efficiency by around 2 nm, which is not at all damaging. These diodes are high in quality and one of the only devices that can be used on skin conditions such as psoriasis.

The skin can become asphyxiated and lifeless, which causes dullness and problem skin. All 3 clinically proven wavelengths stimulate different responses, as our skin has the ability to absorb certain wavelengths penetrating at various depths. These high quality diodes are designed to energise our cells, which absorb light and just like a plant, use it to fuel our bodies function. I know which one I'd rather use. 

*Please talk to your therapist should you have any further questions or if you would like to book a session head to our page on Silhouette and book an appointment. All details of the treatment and to contact us are on the webpage.