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The Black Sheep

Ever heard of a black sheep? Well it's usually a term for a family member who is a disappointment or embarrassment because they go against the family values or grain so to speak.
I like to think that the black sheep is a non conformist or someone who has their own mind or speaks up for something they believe in. The black sheep I respect is someone who doesn't feel like they have to be like everyone else.
I've always been known as the black sheep and I actually like it! I do speak my mind, I don't follow the crowd and in the beauty world I like to explore different options instead of following every other therapist. And why not? If you get results or if you are allowing the body to respond to your treatments without forcing toxic substances into your body, then this is a good thing right?
If you are following certain health protocols and you end up getting the same result without all the trauma then I feel that this is ultimately what we are all chasing to a certain degree.
Treatments that allow your skin or body to respond are usually NOT quick fixes. They are maintenance jobs that take time, discipline and commitment.
So, when you look through those magazines or instagram posts and feel like you are competing with a smooth skinned, no lined 60 year old celebrity, think about not needing to.
For starters we all know it's false, but secondly, we can prevent the signs of aging by dedication and knowledge. Go talk to your beauty therapist for a maintenance facial or body pack today and next time you are considered a black sheep stand proud hold your head up high and walk through the crowd with the feeling that all the others wish they could break away and be just like you.