Embracing Age or Defying Age (exercise/weight gain/hormones)

Embracing Age or Defying Age (exercise/weight gain/hormones)

Which do you choose? I think as a person with a lot of female hormones, aging is particularly difficult.

For some, after childbirth it can be a struggle to gain back control of your life and also balance out the hormones and get back to where you want to be. Some people can bounce straight back, for others it could be more of a challenge.

Similarly, as we age, we are faced with another type of challenge. In some cases, those who have had children, previous sporting injuries, or illnesses, your body may be gradually letting you down day by day. 

If it is not an old injury, it could be the remnants of a virus sitting dormant in your system trapping good energy from flowing back again or you just couldn't get your body back after children. Perhaps you have always had a good body but now with hormonal fluctuation it is just not the same anymore.

Whatever the reason, We can go hard at the gym or our choice of fitness, we can take supplements, we can meditate, and listen to our bodies more, but what is this journey really about? How can we embrace this process instead of defying it?

Do we feel pressured to exercise daily, eat a balanced meal, get in tune with our inner self?

I agree to all these things to a certain degree. Not just listening to your body but understanding that as we do all these good things, releasing stagnant energy, can physically and emotionally get you down. When you start to shift it, you can feel weaker, and more lethargic, add some hormones to the mix and it can feel extra hard or more difficult for some. 

For the most part, we are grateful for our bodies, but at times we are also allowed to be frustrated for our bodies! Its relevant to be annoyed some days at your body and frustrated in yourself. I think the trick is to learn how to let those days go, and not be down on yourself or disappointed.

Ok, so today I was lazy, so what.. Tomorrow I will have more energy and this will help me to shift this feeling. Remember, do not get caught up in all that negativity though, it can be all consuming and have you go in the opposite direction.

Get your body moving daily, find yourself a balance, embrace those days you are not feeling it (part of the aging/menopause process) and let yourself be guided by a system/program that works for you. For instance, I set myself a consistent exercise regime, but my heavy duty exercise I fluctuate between 3-5 days per week. Some weeks I exercise a minimum of 3 days and other weeks 5 days. I am not saying have full lazy days in between, but don't be too hard on yourself if you find it difficult with commitments that week.

Everybody has their stresses in life, don't add weight loss or perfection to your stress load. Be happy in yourself, listen to your body but also listen to the physical messenger that is telling you today is not the day and you may just get through your aging process stress free.

Eat healthy, stay physical (for the most part) and find a balance that is right for you!

What to do on the days you do not feel like exercising: Light walk somewhere in nature, get some sunshine, do some juicing, have some supplements, have an aromatherapy massage or a facial, do something productive that needs to be checked off the list. You will feel empowered and it could even get you up and ready for your physical day tomorrow!!

*Enjoy life, stay positive and chat to our girls if you are looking to book in for a treatment today!