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Unique Skincare Fingerprint

DNA determines your Unique Skincare fingerprint
There are so many brands out there... thousands of different products in the salons and supermarkets. What do you choose? DNA testing is designed to scientifically create a personalised and unique regime tailored specifically to you.
Using the right skincare ingredients targeted to your own genetic blueprint. How accurate is it? There is a lot to take into consideration.
Here are the five cornerstones of the aging process, where you may have one or all five of the conditions below. Each combination will affect every individual differently, therefore one product may not always suit every person with that condition.
Matrix - the natural deterioration of your collagen. Firmness and elasticity. Are you genetically predisposed to premature wrinkling. What does this mean for you? How can you prevent it?
Calming - those who have sensitive skin. How well do your genes protect you against irritation? Do you think its all over for you and you just need to deal with the fact you have sensitive skin?? I do not think so!
Glycation - reduced protection against the production of Advanced Glycation End products. This is caused when your body is not at its optimum to process sugar, therefore the glucose binds to the collagen. IE... Wrinkling!! Glycation affects collagen and elastin and creates accelerated skin aging. Are you in this category?? How does it affect you? How can you make some changes without filling them with fillers or relaxing the muscle with Botox?
Tone - or pigmentation affected by sun damage. How well can your skin naturally cope under the strains of our sun? Are you concious of the damage it is actually doing? What are you doing to combat these things when we all love the outdoors so much.
Antioxidants - pollution, stress and free radical damage. Are you genetically protected agains free radical vulnerabilities? Do you understand that we shouldn't be completely eliminating our free radicals?
Our body needs some free radicals.
When do we know that enough is enough? How much antioxidant does our skin actually need? How much do we need internally?
These are all questions that my students will commonly ask. I don't always have every answer as a lot of it comes back to the genes... As professionals, we don't always have the time to go way back into someones history, nor do our clients want us to delve into their personal life. So, how do we come up with an answer to help you with your skin. 
For me it is years and years of research, which I have done, enabling me to know who to trust in this industry. Who has also done their research, and what do they know about products and skin. I personally know alot about skin and the history of it just by examining and asking questions. Let me tell you, I have had some absolutely incredible results with skin and I trust the products that I use on my clients. 
So to finish off here, do we do DNA testing with our products at Silhouette/Nouveau?
Vagheggi does it all for us. They have an incredible commitment to finding a delicate balance for all different types of conditions, genetic testing with skin and phytocosmetics and making sure their products don't alter the skin too much, only compliment the condition. 
However, it DOES also take commitment in 3 ways... internal supplements and a balanced diet, alongside professional treatment & topical ingredients.These 3 things never let me down.
It also takes commitment from both parties and dedication to getting to the bottom of it, keeping a good regime for life, not just for the time that you want it.
I love to get to know my clients and their history. These are my key factors to getting to know what is good for you and what is not. My staff are my mini me's they shadow me and I encourage them to study.. always.
Come in today to see us at Silhouette, to check what your skin is doing, what it has done & what you can now do to combat it. If you are unable to come in, please contact us on the contact page and we can communicate over skype, email or any way you choose.
After speaking to someone reagarding your concerns, pop online here to order your products for an ongoing regime to help prevent the future signs of aging and poor PH stucture which can lead to disease and discomfort in the later years.