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Collection: Vagheggi White Moon - Brightening

Perfect skin with a homogenours and luminous complexion, is the dream of every woman and beyond. Excessive exposure to the sun, smog, stress, hormonal imbalances, the use of oral contraceptives are all factors that can lead the skin to lose uniformity and transparency.

The skin will begin to show spots &/or dyschromia (pigmented/unpigmented skin) with an opaque complexion. The White Moon line is a line for all ages, smoothing and illuminating the face, will provide your skin with a brightened and homogenours appearance.

The active ingredients from the consolida, liquorice and burdock plants will perform an antioxidant action that will soothe, calm, repair and return the skin to a radiant complexion.

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  • Vagheggi White Moon Protective Brightening Emulsion 50ml
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